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07 Jan 2015


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5 Things That Everyone Can Do Today To Improve Their Health in 2015!

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Happy New Year!!

As we start 2015, most of us have made a few “New Year’s Resolutions” that include losing weight, getting healthier, and making more time for the important things.

Many experts will tell you that making these resolutions don’t work. But what if we look towards this new year and choose the set specific and detailed goals to accomplish? Not just, “I want to lose weight”, which is really an end result, but “I will take these certain steps to feel better in my clothes and be healthier” What if we were to break down these goals into easy attainable steps that we could take that were simple? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Bad habits take time to develop and therefore take time to change. Giving yourself time and understanding as you move forward on your health journey will allow you to make life long changes that will stay with you rather than short-term changes that, according to most research, will eventually fail.

5 Things That Everyone Can Do Today To Improve Their Health


  1. Drink Water!
    • Best if it’s filtered
    • Everyone needs a different amount based on body weight.
      • Take your body weight, divide that number by 2. Take that number and that is the ounces of water you need to strive for each day.
      • Example:  body weight is 150 lbs/2 = 75 oz. which means 9.4  eight ounce glasses
    • Try putting lemon or lime in it for flavor and many other benefits
    • See my blog post about “Why Drinking Lemon Water is So Good For You” at /irisfriends/?p=2737
  2. Drink less soda/sugary beverages!
    • #1 Source of sugar for most Americans
    • Loaded with chemicals that can harm us
    • Carbonated beverages are one of the most acidic things we can put in our bodies.  Our bodies are already too acidic!
  3. Eat more green leafy vegetable, fruits, and a variety of all veggies (think      RAINBOW)!
    • They don’t all have to be organic, but certain ones carry a lot of pesticides       and toxins
    • Click on the link below to find a list compiled by the Environmental Working       Group (EWG) called the Dirty Dozen™ and the Clean 15™ to find out about       which ones have the most pesticides
  4. Decrease  your consumption of processed foods!
    • Processed foods are foods made by machines, come in packages, can live on a shelf for months and months, and has things in their ingredient list that most       of us can’t pronounce
    • Filled with unhealthy sugar, fats, and chemicals that are detrimental to our       health
    • Try eliminated one processed food from your shopping list each weekimagesCAOX74DI
  5. Shoot for a total of 30 minutes of physical activity EVERY day!
    • There are so many forms and levels, find something that you enjoy
    • Variety  is the spice of life! Our bodies adjust to the same exercise day after       day, so varying what you do will help shed pounds and inches
    • Consider High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the best results
    • If  you’re new to exercise,  always check with your doctor if you have any health problems or concerns
    • Start  slow, a short walk, gentle yoga stretching, or a spin on an exercise bike

Getting Healthy is NOT a Sprint it’s a Marathon!

You don’t need to do everything all at once. Pick one thing you want to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle and master it. Then, add another healthy habit that will serve you on your journey towards reaching your goal of long-term health and wellbeing.

Remember, ANY positive change(s) you make are steps in the right direction!

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We Well!


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