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I sought out working with Iris Friends because I was looking for information and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle, primarily through food and exercise choices

Iris was able to help me work toward my goals of losing weight, healthier food choices and awareness of exercise needs by providing insight as to dangers of chemicals in foods, making good suggestions for alternatives and providing accountability.

I felt a difference in how I felt within 3 weeks of starting my program. The biggest change I have noticed since beginning my program has been that I feel better physically because of the good foods I am eating.

My biggest breakthrough from our sessions together is that I am now reading food labels and choosing healthier food options.

The most significant change I have noticed has been that I feel confident in my ability to choose good foods and take good care of myself.

I would describe Iris Friends as a passionate and caring person who desires to help others live well through healthy choices (my favorite!)

I would recommend Iris Friends to EVERYONE!


I sought out working with Iris because I am interested in non-traditional (non-chemical) approaches to health and wellness.

My main goals working with Iris was education, weight loss, health resource and advisor.

Iris was able to help me toward my goals by sharing her knowledge, counseling me to make healthier choices and giving me examples on how to incorporate them into my busy life

My biggest breakthrough from out sessions together were confirmation that alternatives exist.

I would describe Iris as a friend, confidant, and trusted advisor. Iris does not claim to be a physician, but she helps formulate questions that I can ask my doctor about.

I would recommend Iris Friends to anyone who seeks to improve their health in a natural way.

Iris customizes her programs to help her clients achieve individual goals, it’s not a “cookie-cutter” plan!

Even though I am not accomplished in the kitchen, I have come to appreciate less processed foods in my diet and the diet of my family. Iris has helped me by seeking out simple recipes for me to try.


I sought out working with Iris Friends because I was having problems sleeping at night, headaches, sugar addiction and needed help with making healthier food and lifestyle choices.

My main goals upon starting my program were to have better quality sleep at night, get rid of my sugar addiction, and to lose weight.

Iris was able to help me toward these goals by helping me choose the right foods for my body and issues.

I started feeling better 5 days after I started my sugar detox and eating “clean”.

The biggest change I have noticed since beginning the program is that I’m sleeping better at night, I have more energy during the day, and I feel better in my clothes.

My biggest breakthrough from our sessions was realizing the importance of eating less sugar and making better food choices.

I would describe Iris Friends as very encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful, sweet, friendly and always available for knowledge and support.

I would recommend Iris Friends to anyone who is struggling with healthy eating or healthy living issues .


When I called Iris, I knew immediately I was doing the right thing. I was not in a good place. I actually thought I was pretty healthy, but after I learned about different ways to eat and de-stress, I realized I wasn’t healthy. My body was not right.”

“I had been dealing with inflamed skin for 10 years. Psoriasis is what the dermatologist said. I had been on every steroid possible, every cream possible. It was ridiculous!”

“I learned so much in three months. I lost weight, I felt better, I looked better. I had a miscarriage in January and I feel now my body was not healthy at that point. I expressed to Iris that I was really hoping to get pregnant again.”

“It’s really crazy with how things work out. It’s really awesome how God has a plan for you . Iris was part of God’s plan for me, to get health. I am so happy to say that before my last session, which was on a Thursday, I called Iris to tell her I has a positive pregnancy test! I am happy, healthy, and more educated because of my sessions with her. I’m thankful she was part of my plan.”  



“I chose to work with Iris because I needed motivation and a kick-start to being healthy. ”

“Iris helped me towards my goals of going gluten-free, establishing a good routine, weight loss and maintaining that loss.”

“I felt a difference about two weeks into the program.”

“The biggest change I’ve noticed since I began working with Iris has been the consistent, and almost easy weight loss.”

“My biggest breakthrough from our sessions together was: It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change!”

“The most significant overall change I have noticed is my weight loss and energy level. Before the program, I was not able to stay on a plan for how to eat healthy.”

“Iris is encouraging and supportive! She has educated me as to why the changes I have made are working.”

“I would recommend Iris to anyone trying to make a healthy change and struggling to it by themselves.”

“I couldn’t have done it without her!”